Monday, 21 March 2011

YANYAN biscuits anyone?

Okie random title but anyway, here goes...


1. Creative teaching: comic strips
(rating: 4/5)

Interesting ideas and resource tools/links for teaching lit. i especially like their links to comic strip/cartoon-making tools. i've tried out some of the tools and found them to be very fun! Students are able to doodle and create comic strips from customized characters. The creative process is very engaging and models that of a writer/novelist, so maybe we could ask students to explain the setting, story plot and characterization of their comic strips.

Plus point: tools are super user-friendly! (for IT idiots like me =X)

2. Media literacy learning house
(rating: 5/5)

This website doesn't look aesthetically appealing in any way but the links are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! If you're thinking of using storyboards and films to teach lit, there are links to colourful worksheets, film techniques/approaches and behind-the-scenes film-making for popular movies like twilight, toy story and avatar. Highly recommended :)

3. Children's and adolescent literature directory
(rating: 3/5)

Links provided are mainly targeted at lower sec lit. The main page contains links to text selection and teaching lit to beginners of the subject. There's not as many resources compared to the previous website but i thought it might be useful for introductory lessons or teaching lit to weaker students.


1. ice cream
2. polaroids
3. scrapbooking
4. kpop
5. shopping


I haven't decided on which activity to do but i've considered interests 1, 3 and 4.

For 1, i actually thought of bringing in tubs of ice cream and different toppings to class (like raisins, maltesers, marshmallows... yum) and let everyone mix their own toppings as i teach elements of literature that add flavour to lit/ice cream appreciation but that leaves me with two big problems.. Ice cream melts easily so i don't know how i can retain them in their solid form and this idea is somewhat similar to the salad-making idea that was mentioned in class (problem of plagarism hmm...)

For 3, i thought of letting everyone do a simple 1 page scrapbooking activity in class (with templates provided) and teach about the creative process of story-telling. Problem is that this activity may be time-consuming.

For 4, i'll use kpop MVs to teach story-telling as well. Kpop MVs have nice sad stories in them (just youtube and you'll know what i mean) and because korean is a foreign language, i can explore the use of language in story-telling.

My ideas are very sketchy because i really don't know which one to focus on. Maybe you guys can give some feedback and what seems more feasible or interesting. Thanks!

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  1. For 1, it doesn't matter if it is similar to the lesson I described - each teacher does a lesson differently - but keeping the ice-cream from melting will be an issue!

    For 3, I told Bhav that one possibility is using Prezi to create a narrative.

    For 4, I am not famliar with K-MTV so I will find it interesting to see what can be done here - completely agree that since it is in Korean there is the possibility of making it into a creative writing exercise to express in English what is in the video.