Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Nisha's just saying...

I think this might come useful when we want to teach kids creative writing, analyze song lyrics, their flow and structure? I thought it was pretty cool.

I’m sure all you guys know this site. But hey it is so good! It easily links works together you know? One can start their search with say Woody Harrelson but end up knowing more about Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights. I think that is awesome.

I think photographs are great when teaching literature because, they are visual. Students pause to look at what we want to show, maybe even to judge us. I think many of them don’t know what a photo can do. Most of them I’ve spoken to tend to get the rule of 2/3 right but don’t know why or what it does. Like literature, they tend to get something right, but never know why or what it is that made it so. Maybe I’m confusing, but seriously, kids have to be exposed to many other things so as to bring something to what they are reading.






Creative writing


I want to merge photographs with words (poems/prose) and sort of get their creativity going. My aim is for them to not fear the unseen poems and prose.

Teach students ways of breaking the unknown with what they’ve already got in them. My point is the ‘unseen’ isn’t scary. It is actually quite friendly. :)

Maybe my idea is half-baked, but I hope you guys know where I’m going with it?

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  1. How are you going to bring photographs/image and text/words together? Do keep thinking about it - you need to work at something specific.