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Trina- Using media representations to teach aspects of Literature

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This seems to be more of pedagogy than giving us lessonplans to use. Nonetheless, Some of the questions can be quite interesting)

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This is great! There's a lessonplan for certain books/dramas! Not sure if they're actually effective in class, but it's worth a try! EXAMPLE:
*BUT please don't check on the sponsored links. It leads to e-notes which requires you to pay*)

(Rating: 3.5/5
This one has notes for certain famous plays and authors. However, it is quite limited and they do recommend you buy the reference books)

1.       Reading: Manga + Fantasy
2.       Watching performances and media: Theatre/Movies/Youtube
3.       Shopping
Rationale for topic area: Movies are popular culture and are enjoyed regardless of age. This will increase student interest and inspire them to find out more about the topic/narrative if they like the videos/songs. Through these clips, we can introduce interesting concepts that might have been difficult to explain. Greek/Roman mythological references (eg. Icarus, Troy, Venus/ Aphrodite….) are frequently scattered throughout many literary texts and can be confusing to students who have never encountered these references. A quick intro through movies/clips is a way to retain their interest and yet give them a useful grounding. Greek myths are complicated and interrelated but with the use of movies we can introduce students to certain imagery well-used in poems and texts. Likewise, YouTube clips can be used to introduce students to interesting topics like gender and racial stereotypes.
a) Use movies (e.g. Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titians 1981, Herculeus 2005 or the Kevin Sorbo
) to foreground Greek mythological references in tests (e.g. William Shakespeare’s  Othello, Romeo and Juilet ...)

Contrast expectations for a man VS expectations for women in Mulan: to discuss feminist and stereotypical issues in fairy tales/texts (eg. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid)
c) Use of songs to allow students to appreciate different perspectives/alternatives in texts and to inspire creative writing in students. Students will be given lyrics and asked to analyze the ‘poem’. After analyzing, they will be shown the MTV and asked if their interpretation has differed. Then they will be asked to write a creative essay or poem about a similar theme.(e.g. Nightwish- The Islander
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  3. I am ok with all three ideas ... which ONE are you goin to use - think you need to ask yourself what specific content you want to use and the selection of texts that will bring that across.